Monday, 1 April 2013

The current state of my dolls: Monster High

I wrote about my Barbies in the previous post. Monster High are the newest addition to my collection. I didn’t like them at all in the beginning, but became curious after seeing several repaints. I did a little research to decide which one to get and started to look for them in toy stores. After opening my first MH and playing with it, I grew to love them more and more. 

I’m fascinated by all the special details, the variety and the potential of this series. My MH wishlist is now very long... But this is Eastern Europe, so collecting MH and dolls in general is seriously challenging! Not long ago, I finally saw Cleo in real life and realized how much I want it. It was Picture Day Cleo and cost, I kid you not, 65$ (I know people whose monthly wages are around that figure)!

Anyway, I treasure the dolls that I have, and while drooling for Cleo (especially Dead Tired), I play with:

Skull Shores Draculaura

My first. I can't wait to change the mouth. How they manage to ruin these beautiful sculpts with hideous paint job is beyond me.
The skirt is all done, maybe I will hang some dangles on the lace.
Needs a new face, hair straightened, shoes and blouse finished, jewellery.

Roller Maze Ghoulia

From Santa :) All my family adores it, especially mom. Borrowed Frankie's outfit for the moment. Hair needs straightened, new face, more clothes...

Scaris Frankie

Has sturdy joints and sits naked to model clothes. The corset story is for another post, it's almost finished :)
Frankie needs to have the hair straightened and a new face, badly. I gathered some references for the face, but I still don't picture how I want it to be. I know the eyes need to be smaller and eyebrows lower, but I don't have any colour schemes in mind.

Sewing clothes for these dolls promises to be very interesting. They have, except for the head, more realistic proportions than Barbie, and at the same time, they are tinier (=more adorable). I will have to sew more too, because the dolls are so different from each other, they can’t share fashions like Barbie.

What do you think of my plans for these dolls? Do you have a favourite type of fashion dolls?


  1. Like you, I have known about MH for some time, but used to think they were too monstrous, too exaggerated and I actually got a Bratzillaz doll first. Then I saw a very skilled diorama creator use these dolls a few weeks ago and since then they have obviously grown on me... I was still sceptical when I bought my first, a classic Frankie, but once I held her, felt the weight of her and touched that soft hair, I was sold. I got a second one the next day, and I've ordered another six... I didnt know I had it in me.

    1. I know! They are so addictive once you get to hold them. Though I bought them with the intent of repainting the faces (I will still do it), I kind of like the original faces too now, even the ones that I hated at first. I have a bunch of MH coming my way and I want more!


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