Friday, 14 February 2014

Tiny beaded snowflakes

Hi! I must be the only one not writing a Valentine post, but I don't care. The snow is melting and I want to post my doll-sized snowflakes before this winter is over. These snowflakes are very easy to bead, before you know you'll have made a lot! You can put jump rings through them and use as little charms for human jewellery, thread them to make garlands, glue on gift boxes... I invite you to take a look at the tutorial and decide what to do with all the resulting snowflakes later.

Monday, 3 February 2014

C.A. Cupid as a fairy + new doll

A Facebook fan group recently held a contest where they asked people to imagine a new school for C. A. Cupid, the character who transferred from Monster High to Ever After High, and draw her as a student of that school. Now that the deadline is over, I'll talk about how I drew my entry and then I'll show a doll I bought earlier that arrived in the mail this week.