Friday, 31 May 2013

Finally, stockings!

I like to fiddle with doll accessories. As much as I love to have all my dolls dressed in pretty clothes, I love their accessories more. It's not only that I love accessories in general (meaning for myself); when a doll has all kinds of shoes, jewellery, hair pins, arm warmers, leg warmers - you can tell it's special. It's no longer a toy, it's a carefully constructed art piece.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The post where I explain why I haven't been around

I realized my previous post was written over two weeks ago... no good!
So I'm dropping by to say I'm alive and well. We had the Orthodox Easter on the 5th and Easter of the Dead the next Sunday, and while I don't care for these holidays, they always come with a bunch of chores that take me way more time than I'm comfortable wasting. I didn't do anything worthy so I have nothing to write about. But just so you don't think you opened this page for nothing, here are some things I found recently that I'd like to share.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Hair day for Monster High

My MH dolls are in desperate need of repaints. I kept postponing this because their hair needs to be fixed before any paint job, and this means steaming hot water, which is so scary! My husband swore he'd help, but he's always busy, and last week when the weather got very hot in a couple of days, it dawned upon me that summer is coming for real and I better straighten that hair before it's too hot for such experiments.

As much as I hate hot things and urgent matters, it had to be done.