A little notice about my "tutorials" tag...

The tag appears when I write a thorough description of one of my projects. Take it with a grain of salt - I may be doing things right or I may be doing them wrong. I simply show every step of my process and you decide if you like the outcome or you think it was a horrible mistake that you'll know not to repeat.

I don't endorse any of my methods. I experiment a lot and sometimes things don't turn out right. If you try what I did and ruin your doll, I'm very sorry. Now that you've been warned, you can access all my posts labeled "tutorial" by clicking the link below:

Have fun! That's what it's all about.

The Black Kitty

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  1. Hi There! Its 'mooshygirl' from the Legend of Valkyrie tutorial message board. Just thinking about (and missing ) everyone from that board. I am glad you kept up the blog! I have not done much designing myself.Last May i designed and made 4 dresses in one month which is unheard of for me and then the inspiration fizzled out.


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