Sunday, 31 March 2013


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My name is Arina (sounds like “arena” for English speakers), I’m 26 and I live in Eastern Europe. I like to look at beautiful things. It just happens that beautiful things are often too expensive or impossible to find, so I have to learn to make my own. I have been making most of my jewellery for several years and now I have an obsession with fashion dolls. I’ve been able to collect a full shelf thanks to my loving husband. Due to their size, they require very little materials, which is perfect for me because I have a hard time finding art and craft supplies here. I want to repaint them and dress them all into tiny versions of clothes I’d like to wear.


You can expect to see projects, progress pictures, questions and tutorials mostly related to doll customizing and jewellery. I still consider this my personal space where I can occasionally write about other things that interest me – such as cats, cooking or general life.


I've been on deviantArt and dolls-n-daggers for a while and as much as I hate writing, I decided to go ahead and create a blog. I like to dissect every step of a craft project, and dA is about the finished product (boring!). I found the support I was looking for at dolls-n-daggers, but a forum doesn’t lend itself to lengthy stories with pictures.
Another reason to write down everything I’m doing is that I begin a lot of things that I never finish. I hope that sharing my thoughts and experience with others will give me the necessary boost in order to complete more projects.


My native language is Romanian. If there is a demand to post in Romanian (which I highly doubt), I will do so. I decided to use English because: 1) everyone understands it; 2) I can never find the punctuation on the Romanian keyboard; 3) since I learned a lot of stuff from the Internet, I have no idea how to translate many craft terms. Some things I couldn't explain at the store include: 
 - bias tape (They had some on display, so I just pointed to it “give me... this!”)
 - retarder (for paint)
 - crimp beads 
 - fray check (still can’t find anything even remotely close)

Don’t hesitate to correct my English. I need to improve.


I will remove spam, offensive and rude comments. Anything else that pops into your head, you are free to write. I have very few people to discuss crafts with, so I will appreciate your every input. Grammar Nazis are very welcome too!

Writing style

I find it very difficult to express myself in writing and it takes me forever to give birth to a coherent paragraph. I will try to keep my thoughts organized, but ask if anything is unclear. I promise I’m much handier with the pliers than I am with words :) I hope you will find my blog interesting and useful!


  1. You're English seems pretty good to me, m'dear. Also, for not being able to find many craft supplies you certainly make do!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I'm doing my best on both counts.

  2. I love your candor-relax-sometimes us English speakers aren't so proper. Your English is great! I love the pliers comment. You are too funny! And may I say the ultimate genius when it comes to crafting!!!! Thank you for sharing

    1. I'm glad you liked my blog! You are welcome to visit any time :)

  3. Hello, Londoom again!
    Your English is brilliant! Actually, I live in London but I am not English. I am always self-conscious about my English too, so I can relate!
    I hope you will write new posts. It seems they are all a few years old or is it me who can't use technology properly?! (Technology is not my best friend...)
    Take care

    1. Hi again and thank you! What is your native language, if I may ask? I would like to write more posts as soon as ideas pop into my head, but for some reason I suck at putting thoughts into words and every post takes forever. You can find me more often on Facebook as "multicrafteral".

    2. Hi! I'll check your face book. I don't have a face book account, I can't stand it!
      I told you, technology is not my best friend!!
      My native language is french. I liked the pictures of your holidays in Strasbourg and Paris. I have visited Strasbourg a few years ago. La Petite France is so cute and I think the cathedral is one of the most beautiful and soulful cathedral I have ever visited!
      All the best from Londoom, the city of Doom!

    3. LOL you're doing pretty well for a technology illiterate :) I tell you, more often than not I can't resume normal work on the computer after my cat steps on the keyboard until hubby presses a few buttons. I'm glad you liked my photos, I tried to capture some mood shots instead of regular touristy stuff. I like the Strasbourg cathedral very much, of course I've only seen those two but at least I think it's prettier than the one in Paris. I'd like to see the one in Chartres, the one in Reims and the one in Clermont. I would LOVE to visit some churches and castles in the UK as well. It was great hearing from you again and if you are stuck with my English, I speak some French too :)

  4. Londoom back again,
    Yes, I have found some newer posts!! Ah ah ah!
    I really don't like technology!

  5. You have given some food for my creative self! I thank you!


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