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Full set Kinder Surprise Barbie 2016

Hey everyone! I have yet another new thing to show you. Remember how a while ago I found a tiny Barbie in a Kinder Surprise egg and repainted it? Since then I became obsessed with finding more, preferably the whole series! I had so much fun with that custom and I love miniatures in general. There are tons of reviews about these, many in the unboxing video format that is a lot more exciting, but since mine will all be getting makeovers, I feel a "before" presentation is in order.

Pink Kinder eggs weren't in our stores until very recently - literally less than a month - but I went abroad a couple of times and grabbed as many as my family could reasonably eat. Once I got a whole carton of 12 and it was a huge disappointment - not only there were no Barbies, but most of the toys were really stupid and not at all girly, like a palette with a tiny stiff brush and two watercolours. Come on, we already have the regular Kinder eggs for that sort of garbage! After over 25 eggs I had only one keeper - a Katana figurine from the DC superheroes series. Thankfully, my friend put me out of my misery when she bought the full set on eBay and had it mailed from the seller in Ukraine to me. Thus I have the collection without making my poor husband eat any more chocolate, plus bonus stamps for my album! By the way, anyone know how to remove scotch tape from stamps? Moving on.

The seller placed the contents of each capsule in separate ziplock bags. Each surprise includes the Barbie figurine, which comes apart at the waist, a stand that doubles as a stencil, a plastic accessory (except the two superheros), a sticker sheet and the instruction/collection sheet:

The other side of the instruction is the same for the whole series:

I assembled all of them, leaving out the accessories.

Now let's look at each one separately. I'll be using some names I found online, though mine only have codes.

Barbie Girl Sunglasses SD-576

She has sunglasses and a braid. She winks! She wears a turquoise half sleeve top, lavender leggings with a belt, pink sneakers and a huge pink backpack.

Barbie Pink Glam SD-577

She wears a hot pink t-shirt, poofy skirt and strappy shoes. Her bag is pale pink.

Barbie Super Hero Brunette SD-586

The superhero dolls have big plastic capes to make up for the weight of the accessory. They also have muscular legs, painted hair streaks and moulded and painted masks. Brunette Superhero is the only one with brown hair AND eyes.

Barbie Super Hero Blonde SD-587

She has the same outfit as the other superhero, but a different colour scheme, pose and hair style.

Barbie Sporty Skate SD-579

Instead of a bag, her plastic accessory is a skateboard that doubles as a stand. The wheels don't move. She also has headphones connected to a moulded phone in her right hand. She wears a grey hoodie, hot pink skinny jeans and grey sneakers.

Barbie Sweet Style SD-581

She wears a white t-shirt, black poofy skirt with a bow, black pumps and a bronze bag.

Barbie Street Glam SD-580

She wears a pink visor beret, an almost invisible sleeveless top, blue jeans and blue pumps. Her bag is lavender.

Barbie Sporty Gym SD-578

I already reviewed this one, but here we go again:

She has a neon yellow/green hoodie, black leggings, hot pink sneakers and bag.

I can now show the "before" and "after" of my makeover side by side with the same lighting.

I can't wait to imagine new looks for all of them! The clothes are really boring and there is not a lot of potential for fun hairstyles. Most of them have loose wavy hair *yawn*. The one with the braid is already my favourite! She winks too. Here are their faces. They look very similar, but are tolerably non-wonky.

Now the stands. There are four moulds, two dolls for each.

The stickers have similar elements, but each doll has its individual set.

With the corresponding dolls. The Superheroes' stickers have a white background, the rest are black.

Out of five bags in the set, two have the same mould:

Many clothes are repeats too. Besides the superheroes, we have two exact same jeans down to the legs pose, but with different shoes; two identical hoodies, three pairs of sneakers and two pumps. The remaining shirts, skirts and leggings are awfully similar as well and really bland. I'm not up to date with current fashion trends, do people actually wear this in public? The shirts are so basic and the tights look like the girls forgot to put a skirt on. I wonder if there's a way to realistically build up the trousers.

Apart from the questionable fashion taste, the figurines have actual technical issues that would benefit from a makeover. The hair piece on the two skirt girls is misaligned with the body and head, creating a gap. This is on all figures, not just mine.

I'm sure it would be less noticeable if the hair were painted a darker colour. The same two also have parts where it looks as if the legs are melted together. It's just the way plastic works at this scale, but you don't see it on the others because their legs don't touch.

I played a little with the mix-and-match feature. From the start, some of them seem mismatched on purpose. The matchy-match hot pink makes my eyes bleed just the same.

Aaaaah, much better:

The colour choices limit the matching potential considerably. I don't think the bright green hoodie matches anything. Wouldn't it be so much easier if they all had a coordinating colour? Like black?

I switched up the whole gang:

Regardless of my objections, I'm very happy to have this set. The poses are nice and realistic, the hair is sculpted pretty well, the size is adorable and the challenge of customizing them fuels my excitement. I already cut and sanded some parts I don't need (accidentally taking an eye out in the process). I haven't decided exactly what I want for each of them, so all ideas, tips and inspiration photos are welcome!

One of these things is not like the others...

Do you collect this set or older Kinder Barbies? How about other Kinder toys? Which series were your favourites? Share in the comment area!
Thanks for reading!
(^^)~ Blackkitty


  1. I LOVE the taste of Kinder chocolate, but never collected the toys (only from McDonald's many years ago). I'm glad your friend has sent you the collection, all that chocolate is not so good for the liver lol! I really like your first customization! Barbie looks much more cool :-). No ideas come to my mind for the others, but the dark colours you used are great! Have fun :-).

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking of making a mini BEGoths inspired army. So they'll all be more or less dark and match each other.

  2. So glad you love them! I'm not a huge fan of miniatures, but these are a lot cuter than I had originally thought (specially after your customization). ^^
    My faves from the lot are pink beret and wink girl. You did a wonderful job on mini gothy gal, she went from kinder toy to super cool mini sculpture, and I cannot wait to see what you'll do with the rest of your little army!

    1. Thank you so much! I'll try to put baggier trousers on beret girl, add some chains and maybe a silver skull print, and winky will definitely be a redhead.
      BTW. the offer to give you one of them still stands :)

  3. I like how you modified them! They are really cute

    1. Thank you! Miniatures and gothing up blonde dolls are two of my biggest obsessions.

  4. I'm familiar with Kinder Surprise but never knew there might be mini-Barbies inside. I think buying them on eBay is probably a lot easier than having to gobble up chocolate eggs with the hope there might be dolls inside (that is, unless you like a LOT of chocolate). That said, I'd probably have issues with the original color palette so it's good to see how you've modified them. Yes, an all black collection would be fun!

    1. Oh, I'm relieved to learn I'm not the only one who finds their colour choices questionable! There have been several series of Barbies but I think this one was the first with interchangeable halves. I already have several ideas for my black set which should make matching easier :)
      I liked the chocolate when I was little but now it just tastes like disappointment and is also too sweet.

  5. Boy, I'm really catching up here! Just caught this post today. Will be interested to see where you take these bland girls.

    1. They are pretty bland, aren't they? I'm very excited to start customizing them!

  6. Hola, que tipo de pintura utilizas, tengo muchas de estas barbies y quiero personalizarlas tambiƩn

    1. Hello, thank you for your interest! I've linked a more in-depth post about repainting the one doll in the first paragraph of this post. I used acrylic paint, the particular brands are Pebeo and Nevskaya Palitra if you are curious. I finished with acrylic varnish, Pebeo for the gloss and Winsor&Newton for matte.


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