Sunday, 11 December 2016

Another Youtube review

Thank you for the kind welcome on my first video! I loved hearing from familiar faces on Youtube and all your comments were super sweet and encouraging!

Today I managed to edit another of my purchase-mail opening videos I filmed a while ago. I have some jewellery supplies in there, if you're into this, you can have a look:

I have a second part of this video, it was a package I had a lot of fun with, but after seeing how bad the lighting turned out, I'm not so sure it's worth anything :(

Anyway, the jewellery supplies are awesome, even if they don't look like it in my video. If you don't have a YT account, you can absolutely comment here, I love all your helpful suggestions!

Meanwhile, my snow globe experiment isn't going very well, the pipecleaner wire is rusting. I'll just have to think of something else for the trees. The nail polish is holding up, though - that's good news. And I have the wreaths to keep myself busy. I want to finish them next week if I can find a free afternoon to spend at my parents' where most of my supplies are.

I hope to be back soon with updates on the holiday crafts front. Peace!

The Black Kitty


  1. Such sparkly goodness! I really like the cameo settings. Do they make those small enough to make them for dolls?

    1. I wish! 10x14mm is about the smallest size of oval setting commercially available. I saw 6x8mm somewhere (I didn't buy them) but that's still pretty big, because the outer frame adds to about 15mm (over half inch) total size. You can find simple round settings as small as 6mm (1/4") though.
      I experimented with different things for framing small pendants here:
      On the left I have caviar beads and on the right it's nail art ball chain. I like the nail chain because it's easy to control and uniform in size. I measure my chain around the pendant and cut it; then I glue my pendant on a slightly bigger piece of paper, put dots of transparent glue on the edge and glue the chain. Then I bend a piece of thin wire in an U shape and glue it to the back as a hook. I cover that with another piece of paper that I paint with metallic nail polish.
      Would you like some tutorials with these methods? I could use a little push to make more doll jewellery.

  2. I love those rhinestones! I haven't seen any like them before.

    1. I love them too! There are many shapes, sizes and colours in that store and there are also with gold settings. They are made of glass which gives them a nice weight and quality look.


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