Thursday, 17 July 2014

Vacation doll wishlist

This post is scheduled to go live while I'm curled in a bus seat en route to Strasbourg :) I left hubby to take care of one feisty and one shy cat, and since he couldn't come with me, he gave me one assignment - buy dolls! I decided to write a list of dolls I'd like to find (now, ever). Judging by the assortment at, I have very little hope of getting at least one of them, but there are several other stores without an online catalogue, so who knows...
All the following are official promo photos.

Zombie Shake Rochelle&Venus

I'm thrilled with the design of both dolls! This is the first Venus I actively want in spite of my dislike of both hot pink and green. I'm afraid it will be forever until they reach Europe though.


Hubby saw me reading a sewing blog one day, where Twyla was a model, and he said: "Hey, this one is pretty cute, we should buy her". I found a local dealer who asks a lower price than ToysRUs, but I'll look around first.

A male doll

Another request of hubby's. He thinks my Barbie shelf is getting too lesbian. Now obviously I can't dream of getting the beauty in the picture, all I can promise is to keep an eye out for non-ugly Kens.

Barbie Style

I've only seen Teresa and the Barbie in green capris. The one I really want is Raquelle. This is another line that is coming to Europe with snail steps. Sigh.

Abbey and Operetta


Spectra, Abbey and Operetta are three characters I've come to appreciate after I made the bulk of MH purchases when I had a good chance. Since then I secured Spectra with help from a friend, but I haven't had any luck finding the other two for a reasonable price. I'd like a fringeless Abbey and an Operetta with a nice outfit she could share.

Ever After High

Hubby wants me to come home with at least three dolls, so if all else fails, I'll think again about the EAH dolls. Although I was going to wait for Lizzie, I might get Raven or Cerise, but only if they are the improved re-releases.

I have low expectations of finding any of the dolls in this list and I might even return empty-handed. Of course, I'm going on a private visit so I'll have fun anyway. See you again in two weeks!

The Black Kitty


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    1. Hey you speak French! Thank you, I had a wonderful time :)

  2. Have a fun vacation!

    1. Thank you, I had an excellent vacation! Sorry it took so long to notice your comment!


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