Sunday, 2 March 2014

Presents from far away

This will be short. I've been down lately with a nasty cold so I haven't done anything useful. Earlier this year, we bought a doll on ebay, which a kind friend offered to bring home to me. She had been back for a week, but I couldn't go anywhere because of my cold. Finally on Friday evening, hubby managed to get me the doll, and then I received a call from Mum, who said there's a package for me from the USA.

I knew at once what it was - a giveaway prize from kewpie83. I received an email on my birthday announcing me I won a runner-up Monster High related prize. And it got through, in spite of our terrible postal service! In two days, I became two dolls richer.

First is J-doll Lavalle and second is I Love Shoes Cleo de Nile. Both dolls are so unique, each deserves a separate post. I'll write a thorough description of each once I'm done coughing my lungs out and cleaning Cleo's helmet hair. Which of these dolls are you more curious about and which aspects would you like to see reviewed in depth?

The Sick Black Kitty


  1. Ah, sorry to hear over the cold.. But in a few more days I hope you will be like new again. =) And how nice to get those two beauties, lucky you! I think I am more curious over the j-doll, specially about her body/construction (but I love this Cleo and will love to read over her as well). How does she pose? Is she stiff as some say out there? Would a rebody really be necessary? From the rebodied j-doll pics I saw, I have to say I liked the original body far better. I love the fact that she is shorter than Barbie. Her height and face make her such an adorable looking doll. <3 I love Barbie too, but I really like to see dolls with different heights, faces, body types and all (like in RL where everybody is different). I also am curious to know if she could wear some barbie clothes, and how big are her feet. Hugs and wishes for a quick recovery! :-*

    1. The J-doll post is coming first! Quite a looker, isn't she? I haven't played that much yet and saved the clothes swapping for the photoshoot, but so far she exceeds my expectations in every way possible. I, too, read many reviews that gave the impression that J-doll quality is the worst thing since Hitler. I got lucky - I don't have any issues. I find it a very unusual doll. In the beginning, I thought I'd only be collecting belly-button Barbies so that I'd have a big shared wardrobe, but where's the fun in that? I'll address all your questions in the dedicated post. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some natural light :)

  2. Hope you feel better! I would love to hear more about your J-Doll - she's gorgeous.


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