Monday, 9 September 2013

Two new dolls

I finished my spider shoes and while I sort through the bazillion photos for the sole tutorial, I'll share the newest dolls in my collection. Hubby returned from a business trip to France and brought me not one, but two dolls!

The first is 13 Wishes Frankie:

It came with a gold belt thingy, but I prefer the outfit without it. All the gold is already too much eyesore for me, who couldn't bear to have even a gold wedding band. Here is the belt thingy:

I'm already thinking how to mod all the gold accessories (belt, tiara, earrings, bracelets and shoe soles), because I like their shape. My first thought was a matte spray, which wasn't quite matte when I tried it, but it might work with these super shiny things. I have some nobler metallic paints too, hopefully I can make them cling to this surface.
In spite of the bling, I like the dress very much. The short skirt is a separate piece and the overskirt is sewn to the top part.
Frankie's hair is glued and gelled like there's no tomorrow. I'll see if I can wash it. Let's take a closer look at the face:

If anything looks weird, I'll spare you the guesses - it's the round irises
I love the stand. I wish all the dolls came with it. It will hold a lot of poses with no danger to the outfits.

The blue box is a lantern. It feels heavier and nicer than I expected. We want to drill a hole in the bottom and fit it with a LED, a battery and a switch. I'll have more detailed pics after we complete this project.

Hubby confessed he actually wanted to get Catty Noir, even though he knows I hate animal dolls. They were out of stock so he got the next best thing. I love getting dolls from him because I never know what to expect - he ends up choosing something entirely different from what I would have, and I end up liking it anyway :)

So I absolutely did not expect the next doll:

Unfortunately due to baggage limitations he had to rip out all the packaging and we spent a while googling for the name. This turned out to be a Barbie Denim Basics #14 Black Label Collection 002 (boy, that's a long name!) and came in a heartbreakingly beautiful box. It's on the Model Muse body, so basically no articulation; it still cost twice as much as a regular doll. The detail is beautiful. Even with the freakishly long thighs and small feet, it looks like a tiny person. Hubby says the face looks like the chick who sings "Murder on the dance floor" (I saw the clip and I agree). The neck area, ears and hands are beautifully sculpted. My only regret is that clothes and shoes sharing isn't possible. Those trousers are a work of art, it's such a shame! I really want something similar for myself, too. For the past few years, all the women's trousers have been skinny, it's such an unflattering shape, I hate them.
I asked hubby why in heavens' name he would drop a large sum of money on a doll with no articulation and he said it was just too beautiful. I can't argue with that - this doll is very different from everything else on my shelf.

I love the realistic skin tone.

"You are getting skin cancer"
I will have to think of some outfits for this new type of body. The face paint, though, will stay on for a long time.


That's it for now! Next week I'll put together the shoe post and maybe update on Frankie's hair situation.
Peace ~(^^)
The Black Kitty


  1. I love both these dolls. I just got that Frankie, I've not deboxed her yet but I feel the same way you do about all the gold bits. But she is very beautiful, congrats. And that Basic - lovely. I was lucky enough to get her when she was first released, before the UK started getting really strict about import tax (these days it's virtually impossible to buy from America without getting taxed to death so I don't do it any more). She's got the glimmer/ mermaid sculpt, it's only ever seem on collector level dolls, I love it, she has beautiful strong features. If it ever became possible for you (I remember you said that you don't have a big second-hand doll market where you are) you could put her on a LIV body - they fit Model Muse clothes and the skin tone of the white dolls is a good match for the pale Basics. They have great articulation too. Only problem, she would lose some height, LIV bodies are not as elegant as model muses and her shoes wouldn't fit any more :(

  2. If you decide to debox Frankie, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! The outfit is really cool, the lamp is fun and if you remove the gold stuff and pluck out the tinsel, I swear it's like a completely different doll, with a face so tame and demure, just waiting to be dressed in a uniform or suit. Looks a lot like my mom when she was a pupil :) The hair washed and straightened well and is super soft.
    I've actually grown to like #14 a lot. I realized that my dolls don't have to be articulated for me to like them. I have Fashionistas striking various poses on the same shelf and in that crowd it doesn't matter that #14 never changes. I thought of some outfits and shoes I could make that will fit both types of bodies. (It's good to know they can swap with Liv though! In case I ever find clothes that aren't on a 50$ doll in the store). The body, no, I'd have a hard time giving it up. The sculpt around the neck and hands is wonderful, perfect for showcasing jewellery (which I'll totally make. Some time. I will.). The arms are fine - some other Basics have them bent in very specific ways, but this one looks relaxed and natural. I love the whole line now and picked several I seriously like before checking the price tag on amazon - around 80 euro a piece - oh no! Someone must think we Europeans are filthy rich to pile on all these taxes....

    1. I will undoubtedly debox Frankie soon, boxed dolls make my palms itch :) demure is a great way of putting it, I love how light her makeup is compared to most of the other recent versions.

      I must say, I like the model muse with two straight arms best out of the the body types - two bent arms is the very worst, I never liked it on the 90s Barbies either. She does have a great throat and lovely hands as well. I just miss having a doll that can sit - I've rebodied several of my Basics onto LIVs or Fashionistas, although I don't think I've done 14 yet.

    2. At least the Model Muse arms can go sideways, unlike those '80s Barbies who, no matter how you posed them, looked like they were caught in the middle of a seizure! I'd rather give up the sitting feature for a beautifully sculpted doll that strikes poses effortlessly ;)


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