Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Shoe project

Any guesses on what it will be?
I found my Monster High shoes on Pinterest with the following text: "Beautiful OOAK shoes for Monster High ! °0° Tuto on the Website"

This is flattering, but there's no tutorial yet! It's just the clasp!

So I made up my mind to change this as soon as possible. My long due pair of Barbie boots isn't moving at all. I had to think of a design that involves the least amount of leather to make some quick shoes for the sole tutorial. 
Leather is an amazingly annoying material. Last time I made the shoes, I drew a paper template and cut a test piece; it was good with minor adjustments. I used the same template to trace the second piece, tried it on and it was absolutely unusable. I stuck masking tape on it and redrew the outline where it was wrong. I cut it out and used the corrected shape to make another template and cut another piece. I tried it on again and it was too short where it was previously too long and viceversa. I corrected it again with masking tape bits, cut it out... and it was identical to my first template *headdesk*
Anyway, I'm going to make a tutorial, and I've decided on less leather, less measuring, less frustration. I hope to complete the project this week! Two nights ago after I had one too many Mountain Dew's the perfect idea came to me. Zooming in:

I doodled it the next morning
Here I have my sketch, my doll, my motivation, my rhinestones... not so much. Today I bought more rhinestones that actually go together, so I'll tackle this as soon as I land next to a desk lamp (These are in short supply in my house at the moment. Both desks and lamps). 

What do you think of the shoe design? I have small black rhinestones for the top part, and garnet and khaki (that looks like poison) for the bottom. For the thread I have black and grey. I wonder which combo I should try first?

To close, here's another page of my doodles. I don't draw very well. This is random doll stuff that flies through my head:

 What about you, what do you do with your ideas?


  1. Usually I draw them out but sometimes I get an idea that just sorts of happens on it's own. I'll pick up needle and thread and start sewing before I realize what I am doing.

    1. I can do that too. But I'm more often around my notebook than around my supplies, so I just flip it out whenever I have an idea I know I might forget.

    2. Me too. I sketch when I'm not around my supplies so I don't loose the idea. Or I write a sketch with nothing more than the details that pop into my head listed out for me to see. The sewing one only happens once in a blue moon but they sure are fun when they do.

  2. By the way, I love your sketches.

    1. Aww thanks! Do you draw? Do you have a website or uh... an identity? :)

    2. I do, actually.

      sticdreamscreations.weebly.com/ is my blog, and you know me as Mystic on Legendary Tutorials. I can't figure out how to get any other name on here other than Anonymous since I'm not a member of any of the sites listed, is all.

      I do draw but I use a Fashion Croquis as a base for when I'm drawing dolly Ideas out. That way I'm not forever building a body structure under it. I'm one of those people who like to have the proportions right for me to like the sketch enough to keep the idea in the book of ideas.

      Here's one of my Doll Ideas. http://www.flickr.com/photos/faydreams/9084313391/

      And a drawing I did for another member on the LT.

    3. I do know you, Mystic, thank you for dropping by! Your drawings are very nice. I have yet to design a complete outfit in full detail. For me, drawing is more of a way to express an idea in a way that when I look at it, I can understand what I had in mind at the time. I see many beautiful things in my head, but when I want to project them as I see them, they disappear! Your skill must come very handy when repainting. Are you making the elf girl? And who's making the busty lady? (love the matching eyebrows!)

    4. Thank you.

      The busty lady is actually a drawing of one of Lady G's characters if she were a real person.

      I have the Elf girl on her way to me. She is a Resinsoul Ju Elf Girl 42cm BJD. I will be doing her face up and making her clothes but not the doll. I haven't the trust in my ooaking skills to attempt ears like that. http://www.flickr.com/photos/faydreams/8699637646/

      I often start with a basic very loose sketch of a concept but move on to the more detailed one if the loose sketch proves troublesome. It is sort of like I can work out the problems that way.

      I can certainly understand the disappearing image thing. Sometimes even what I have in my head can't come out on paper no matter what I try. Those I usually end up digging through my fabric and collect the items that seemed to match the image best. I find that sometimes helps with getting the image out before it's gone.

    5. You ordered the Elf in April? Talk about slow mail! Have fun with that project, sounds challenging and interesting!

    6. Actually the BJD's are casted to order so they did not have her made when I ordered her. I knew it would take a while for here to get here and I thought it would take a lot longer than then.

      The challenging part will be finding all the elements.

    7. Oh, that's useful to know! I hope you can find everything you need. I have trouble finding the right supplies as well :(

  3. You know the bustle Idea you have with the bottle isn't bad. Are you going for a full round skirt or one more like the victorian style in this http://www.sallycdesigns.com/5024_side_view.jpg ?


    1. I was wondering if anyone will pay attention to that :) I was actually considering making an exposed cage crinoline, maybe with a barely there overskirt to be worn with burlesque stockings and accessories. I know very little about period clothing, and fashion in general, to know what I want to make; I was at a barbeque with my in-laws, contemplating the shapes of beer bottles in front of me and wondering how high to cut if I'd wanted to fit a MH inside.


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