Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The post where I explain why I haven't been around

I realized my previous post was written over two weeks ago... no good!
So I'm dropping by to say I'm alive and well. We had the Orthodox Easter on the 5th and Easter of the Dead the next Sunday, and while I don't care for these holidays, they always come with a bunch of chores that take me way more time than I'm comfortable wasting. I didn't do anything worthy so I have nothing to write about. But just so you don't think you opened this page for nothing, here are some things I found recently that I'd like to share.

First of all, this blog. It's hilarious. I just couldn't find my peace until I read it all (took me about three days with disappearing wifi). Kudos to the girls for going on after so many failures!

I also looked around for ways to do my hair. I grew all this hair thinking I'll wear fancy do's and I always end up rolling it in an ugly bun. Sometimes I'm desperate to have it pretty and I make a very high and painful ponytail, then spend the rest of the day cursing my stupidity. Anyway, I almost managed to put my mane in a Gibson tuck after watching this video (my hair is longer and fuller than this girl's);

This do can have many variations that will hurt less than all the hair in a single ponytail, and thumbs up for the Star Wars theme!

I learned the name of that thing I do with my hair when I'm bored;

This girl has a charming smile. I will probably not follow her tutorials with her hair being so thin and different from mine, but she has some nice ideas and is a delight to watch.

While we are on youtube, this hair is worth killing for! Next to that girl, I feel like I have a prison cut.

This looks like a pretty and easy hairstyle. Their website has a bunch of interesting, if a bit overwhelming, beauty tips. There was even a detailed classification of face shapes somewhere - according to it, I have a diamond face. Huh.

I've seen variations of this style a hundred times and never got around to actually trying it.

In case my browser dies (again!), I'll have all these links in one place. Some of these ideas look tempting to try on dolls too.

Speaking of dolls, I will soon have an army of MH girls joining my collection. I can't wait for them to arrive ^^

So... this is all for now. What is your favourite thing to look for on the internet?

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